Either Berisha is a communist, or the unions are right-wing

2022-09-26 22:28:06Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ARDIT RADA
Ardit Rada

Last Thursday, Sali Berisha addressed the trade unions from the floor of the Assembly to line up with him, Basically, he is asking for the addition of ranks to overturn the majority of April 2021 and his return to power to decide, according to him , the missing paradise that we have around us, but these Serbs who govern us are not giving it to us.

The first question is why the de facto leader of the Democrats addresses the unions and not his ally, Ilir Meta. In short, no voice message to the public to ask for protest and revolution as they said. Meta was even the one who, in a meeting with the US ambassador, cast quite a few doubts that he has already made the final choice. Between the greatest ally in every field of the Albanians and their enemies with occupied headquarters and no seal.

However, Sali Berisha's statement, despite the tones he used, does not shock anyone. We heard the same language when he called on informal squatters and thieves of electricity and water to arm themselves and kill state inspectors and policemen. You have it with sound, picture and subtitles in the session of April 16, 2016. I would not return to this topic if the names next to it did not elaborate on the screen how productive this idea is. The fact that in 1991 it was the unions that through strikes forced the Nano government to resign was even used as an argument.

The problem in this claim, both of Berisha and of his sympathizers who have access to the media, remains ideological. Because first they forget that the unions found Albania full of labor fronts in the industry and as a result with workers who tied the ribbon on their foreheads. Secondly, mainly after 2005, Albanians cannot distinguish whether PD is the left or the right of this country because of the impasses that Saliu has brought the country to from time to time. That is, a character who came with the card of anti-communism in the first five years of pluralism, is happy when they publish the photos with Enver Hoxha and says: "Do you see how young I was there? That's why you're jealous." Then from lunch he calls to support Italy's neo-fascists and at dinner he closes with conservatism, faith in property and God.

The call for unions has a few quirks. The main one is that the unions in this country, as we have seen, are right-wing. Or rather the Castle that bears their seal has never been where a trade unionist should be. To the left, to socialists, to anarchists, to the working class. But on the side of the Democratic Party, privatizing for his and Saliu's account what he could from the legacy of the power of the working class. As a result, both of them together not only did not let the trade unions be established, but also robbed them of the few assets that belonged to them for a better life in democracy. Under these conditions, either Sali Berisha admits that he is a communist and that he is allied with the trade unionists. Or for Kalaja to admit that the trade unions have been and are traditional allies with DP.

There are no right-wing unions anywhere on the globe, let alone stand up to their looter and shut up every May 1st. There is no union that is with Trump, with this Italian girl who won the elections and excited Berisha. Neither with Orban, nor with Gruevski once. What friends has he had, that we cannot remember all of them in the 30 years that we have been around him.