Lin's settlement is the oldest in Europe, say foreign archaeologists

2023-07-18 18:33:38Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Lin's Palafit underwater settlement

The results of excavations over 4 years by Albanian archaeologists and those of the University of Bern have confirmed that the palafite settlement of Lini in Pogradec is the oldest in Europe over 8500 years old, or 6 thousand years before Christ.

Albert Hafner, archaeologist from Switzerland, says that we are dealing with a settlement that developed agriculture 8-9 thousand years ago, which then spread to Italy and all of Europe. This settlement is 2 thousand years older than those found in Switzerland, he says.

"Since 2021, we have been digging and following the traces that lead us to 5800 years before Christ. We are digging for the oldest water trees in Europe. In Switzerland we found 6000 years old while here we found up to 8000 years old. The inhabitants here were farmers. From the findings, we can say that it is the oldest stilt in Europe", he said, Euronews Albania reports .

Lin's settlement is the oldest in Europe, say foreign archaeologists
Archaeological excavations in the 8500-year-old settlement of Lin

For the Albanian archaeologist Adrian Anastasi, the findings can be placed in Pogradec or even in digital form as a function of archaeological tourism.

"There are many ways, there are digital ways, there are publishing ways, there are all kinds of forms, telecameras in the water which create the idea and are more successful as a virtual museum, a modern museum that exposes what is under water but at the same time protects it". pointed out Adrian Anastasi, archaeologist.

Excavations in Lin's stilt settlement are already taking place in the water, as the settlement was built on wood on land and the lake. While there are data that another such settlement is also near the border with North Macedonia.