Germany authorizes border controls ahead of Euro 2024

2024-06-08 09:29:48Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Germany has announced extra checks along its borders ahead of the 2024 European Football Championship.

German police began carrying out temporary checks along Germany's borders from Friday, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced. Faeser said the move was necessary to ensure the security of the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship, known as Euro 2024. Germany's interior minister. Nancy Faeser cited Islamic terrorism and hooliganism as possible threats.

The championship will take place in ten German cities. Euro 2024 starts on June 14 and the final match is scheduled for July 14. The temporary controls will remain in place until July 19.

What does the Ministry of the Interior say about border controls?

"We are focusing on the threat of Islamic terrorism, hooliganism and cyber attacks," Faeser said in a statement. She added that the goal of these checks would be to arrest violent perpetrators by identifying them in time. "The federal police will protect the borders , airports and rail traffic in Germany," she said.

Around 580 police officers from other countries will join German law enforcement to patrol host cities, stations and trains.

The interior ministry said additional checks would be put in place at the borders with Denmark, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. All five countries are EU member states part of the Schengen area, which means there are no regular border checks between the countries and the police only carry out random checks.

According to the press release of the ministry, the controls will be "flexible and temporary".

Temporary border controls in the Schengen area

Temporary border controls were put in place in October along Germany's borders with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland to combat smuggling and illegal immigration. Switzerland is not a member country of the European Union, but is part of the Schengen free movement area since 2008.

The checks were extended until mid-December. Border controls were also implemented along Germany's southern border with Austria in 2015 and remain in place. /DW