Astrologer surprised: Aliens have landed in Fier, to erase the memory with a light

2022-06-04 19:58:30Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Fier and the aliens

There is a lot of talk and discussion about the existence of aliens, but science has not yet given an answer to this theory. Hypotheses are thrown out of the various and every strange object we can see in the sky casts doubts that they may be extraterrestrial.

The well-known astrologer and numerologist from Korça, Jofiel Koço, was asked about these theories, and he deals with conspiracy theories and was surprised by the answer. He said that aliens are everywhere and in recent years have been caught in Fier.

According to him, no one can confirm the presence of aliens because they destroy with a light the memory of that moment when you look at them.

"We know there are aliens, but we have not seen aliens. There are aliens everywhere and they have landed in Albania, alien disks that have been caught in Fier in recent years, or that have been seen in the sky in recent years. But, they have one thing, that when you are a witness, they do it with a light, do a "blackout" and even erase the memory for that moment. Aliens are civilizations. "Civilizations from other constellations have given rise to several races operating," said Jofiel Koço in an interview with "Kojshia Show"