Brad Pitt and the mega-haunted mansion (and the 100-year-old man): A golden deal for the star

2023-04-10 18:58:56Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Brad Pitt and mega villas

The actor sold the 8,000-square-foot Los Angeles home where he lived with Angelina Jolie and their six children for a staggering sum. And former owner Cassandra Peterson has uncovered some chilling stories

Twenty rooms, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a small lake with Japanese carp, a skating rink, a cinema and a ballroom. It is "Briarcliff Manor", the "modest" house of Brad Pitt, of almost 8000 square meters, in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles (California), which the actor sold for 40 million dollars, because he is "looking for something more small", again in the city area.

Here, together with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, he raised their six children: Maddox 21, Pax 19, Zahara 18, Shiloh 16 and 14-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. The couple separated in 2016. But the house also had some very special companions: some ghosts and a 105-year-old gentleman.

The Tale of the "Queen of Darkness"

The details of the story were revealed to People by Cassandra Peterson, better known as "Elvira, Queen of Darkness" from the title of one of her 1988 films, a horror icon, now seventy-one years old, ex- the homeowner, who in 1994 sold the property to Pitt for "only" $1.7 million. “A lot of strange things happened there, but Brad was excited about the place. He thought it was really cool."

"I saw people walking up: real people walking," she said. “One time, a ghost was sitting down on the fire floor, another time it would come into my room and come back. We saw a person swimming at the bottom of the pool, things like that."

"I know it sounds strange, - added the horror star with a laugh - And I know very well that you could expect these statements from me, but I did not hallucinate. I can't explain these things."

Unexplained noises

The incidents allegedly began shortly after she and her ex-husband, musician Mark Pierson, moved into the residence. "I went upstairs to the third floor to unpack the moving boxes and I heard these footsteps through the ceiling, 'thud thud thud' and then 'thud thud thud' again - she said a while ago - I got ready to look up and I clearly noticed the vibrations of this person's footsteps walking across the room. I ran upstairs and convinced it was my co-workers, I said, 'Hey, I told you not to go up…' and stopped. There was no one. There was absolutely no one there, just a big empty hall."

It even seems that the couple requested "the intervention of a priest to perform an exorcism". But these paranormal phenomena would never bother Brad Pitt, who lived in the house for about 30 years.

A disturbing story

Indeed, the history of Briarcliff Manor is chilling. The villa was built in 1910 for an oil magnate. In the 60s, even before Cassandra Peterson, Mark Hamill, the Star Wars actor, also lived in the cottage, but he left after his roommate took his own life.

If that wasn't enough, the house also appears to have been the scene of a suspicious death after a Ziegfield Follies performer was found dead in the pool. But the wonders don't end there.

The elderly guest

Brad Pitt hosted an elderly man for several years in a row. The actress explained that her colleague, over the years, greatly expanded his property in relation to the original boundaries, gradually buying other houses in the vicinity, including that of a man named John, who continued to live in the house after the death of his wife without paying the actor anything. Perhaps Pitt thought that, given his age, the old man would die soon, but instead he lived to be 105 years old.