The police issue new rules for electric scooter users, how much will the fine be in case of violation

2023-08-26 11:58:00Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The new rules

The Traffic Police in Tirana in cooperation with the Municipal Police of the capital have undertaken a plan of measures regarding the use of electric scooters and skates.

17 new rules have been established that users of these tools must follow. Non-implementation of these rules foresees the punishment of the vehicle user with a fine.

Police Notification:

The Tirana Traffic Police, in cooperation with the Tirana Municipal Police, have undertaken an awareness campaign for road safety rules with users of electric skates in the capital!

Respect the traffic rules, move safely on the streets of the capital!


1. Drivers of pedal vehicles and electric skates in normal traffic on the road where they are moving and other vehicles must not make sudden swerves or zigzag movements that could become an obstacle or danger to the vehicles coming behind.

2. They must circulate on the roads reserved for them when they exist, except for prohibitions for certain categories in the ways determined by the acts in force, applying the established rules of walking completely on the right side.

3. When approaching forks and intersections, they must respect the road signaling system, reduce speed to a complete stop and take measures to pass them safely.

4. These vehicles must have good technical condition and functional braking systems.

5. Drivers of road vehicles with pedals and electric skates, when driving these vehicles, must wear protective helmets, according to the defined model of the types approved for the
European Union (CE Mark).

6. In the case of crossing the road with heavy traffic and in general when the circumstances require it, the drivers of pedal vehicles and electric skates are obliged to cross the road holding the pedal vehicle by hand.

7. In any case, when they want to turn left, turn right or stop, the drivers of pedal vehicles and electric skates must give signals at the right time, with the arm.

8. Half an hour after sunset, during the entire darkened period and during the day, if atmospheric conditions require lighting, pedal vehicles and electric skates, which are not equipped with the relevant visual signaling systems, may not be used, but only to hold hands.

9. Pedal vehicles constructed and known for the transport of persons other than the driver may be driven, when having more than two symmetrical wheels, by two drivers. In such a case, only these persons should pedal.

10. In the vehicles mentioned above, no more than 4 adults can be transported, including the drivers; simultaneous transportation of two children up to 10 years old is also allowed.

11. It is forbidden to transport other people in pedal vehicles, when they are not built and equipped for such a purpose. However, the driver of the main vehicle is allowed to transport a child up to the age of 6, properly secured with the necessary equipment, which consists of a suitable seat with places to support the arms, legs and back
. The seat must not exceed the overall dimensions of the pedal vehicle.

This should be placed in such a way that it does not obstruct the driver's view and gives him freedom of movement. This seat must be fixed to the body of the road vehicle with pedals and be equipped with a protection system for the legs and arms of the child.

12. Where the tracks of pedal vehicles and skates are interrupted, entering the road with fast traffic, the drivers of these vehicles are obliged to perform the maneuvers with great care, avoiding sudden changes of direction.

13. Drivers of pedal vehicles must walk in a line in all cases, on the road inside and outside the residential centers, except when one of them is less than 10 years old and moves to the right of the other. When moving in separate lanes for pedal vehicles, there can never be more than two rows.

14. Drivers of pedal vehicles must have free use of their arms and hands and hold the steering wheel with at least one hand. They must be able at all times to look freely in front of them on both sides and perform the necessary maneuvers with maximum freedom, readiness and ease.

15. It is forbidden to tow vehicles, to carry animals and to be towed by another vehicle.

16. Drivers of vehicles with pedals must take the vehicle by hand when, as a result of traffic conditions, they become an obstacle or a danger to pedestrians. In such a case they join the pedestrians and should use the usual care and alertness.

17. For the circulation of road vehicles with pedals and electric skates, in the crossings (tracks) for vehicles with pedals and electric skates, the relevant norms for the circulation of road vehicles are applied, as far as possible.


10. Anyone who violates the provisions of this article shall be punished by an administrative measure with a fine from two hundred fifty
to one thousand ALL. 

For vehicles with pedals that are driven by 2 drivers, the fine is from five hundred to two thousand lek.