PHOTOS: Has he had plastic surgery? "Miss Universe Albania 2023" is told about her beauty

2023-06-11 12:53:13Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Andy Demner

The winner of 'Miss Universe Albania 2023', Endi Demneri, was invited to the show "In Peter Pan's Trap", where she told more about her life.

Asked if she has had plastic surgery, Andy said that despite the fact that she has sometimes gained weight and sometimes lost weight, she has not had any intervention on her face.

Among other things, the missi rejected the public's insinuations, saying that she has been like this since she was little.

 "Let me tell you a beautiful story, Alketa. The first moment when I turned 18, I received a message from Fadil Berisha and he told me, please Andy, come take a photo with me, before all the chicks start making small noses and thick lips. Since I was little, I never touched anything on my face. 

I've gained weight, I've lost weight, maybe my features change, you grow up, you mature, but no. I would very much like that since technology is advancing, a detector for fillers will be invented and you can put me in there and see that I am completely natural", said Miss Weavers Albania 2023.