Migena's parents take home the 2 minor children, they close the door to the Krushks

2023-04-10 15:40:12Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The two victims: Migena Sinani and Roland Sinani

Two days ago, 37-year-old Migena Kodra Sinani remained a victim, after being shot by her brother-in-law Roland Sinani, while she was asleep, leaving behind two minor children aged 2 and 4.

It is learned that until the court decides what will happen to the two little ones, they will be in the care of their uncle and grandparents (the 37-year-old's parents) in the village of Daias, in Lundre.

Migena's family members continue to wait for people for consolation. For them, Migena's husband, Erjon Sinani, has nothing to do with the incident, but the situation with her parents is different.

From the first investigations, the crime weapon was removed as an attempt to destroy the evidence, but after interrogation and preliminary investigations, it was concluded that Gëzim Sinani's father had moved the weapon.

His evidence is contradictory because he suffers from multiple sclerosis. In order to come to a clearer conclusion, the investigators are waiting for the expertise of the weapon that has been sent to the Scientific Police Laboratory.

The police consider the incident solved, with the author Roland Sinanin, who first killed his sister-in-law with a bullet while she was sleeping with her only 2-year-old daughter, and then shot himself below the jaw with another. When the Blues arrived, the pistol was found on the other side of the yard.