"Air Albania" reacts after 1 week to the death of flight attendant Greta Dyrmishi: HOW THE EVENT HAPPENED

2022-12-28 15:40:16Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Greta Dyrmishi

The flight company, "Air Albania" has reacted after the publication of the news in the media about the death of the 24-year-old flight attendant Greta Dyrmishi, even though 1 week has passed since the event of December 21.

In the press release, it is said that Greta Dyrmishi suffered a heart attack when the plane landed in London. "Air Albania" says that they gave her the right medical assistance, but she could not survive.

"On December 21, after we disembarked all the passengers of the flight to London, one of the members of the cabin crew, Greta Dyrmishi, suffered a heart attack. Even after all the medical assistance offered at the moment, we still lost him. Air Albania has contacted her family from the first moments and we continue to be by their side in these difficult moments.

Out of respect for Greta and her family, we decided to share the news with the public at the most appropriate moment. We will always remember Greta as a passionate professional, an excellent colleague and a very good friend to all of us. With the belief that today she is among the mercy of God, Air Albania will continue to stand by her family", emphasizes the Air Albania company.